Carlton Towers Workshop and Portfolio Building Day

I spent the whole of last Monday at the wonderful Carlton Towers near Goole in order to learn some new lighting techniques under the guidance of one of the UK's leading wedding photographers.
Yorkshire wedding photography by Eternity Photo Ltd.  Bride and groom at Carlton Towers.
As photographers we always strive to provide the very best service to all of our clients. Although I have photographed weddings for over thirty five years now the business has changed immensely since my early days and it is so important not to remain static and keep up with the constant changes of fashion and style of photography that modern couples demand from their wedding photographer. This is why I feel it is so important to continually learn new camera skills and try out new tricks.


One way of doing this is to train with some of the UK's renowned, leading wedding photographers and last week I spent the day with multi award winning photographer, Chris Chambers. I returned with some cracking images and techniques which I can't wait to put to use at my forthcoming weddings.